Wednesday, October 14, 2009

My dear friend hosted my entire family last weekend. We felt so welcomed by her sunshine-y brood. I picked up this sign for her as belated birthday present and promptly forgot to pack it to deliver it. Sorry Summer, guess you'll have to visit me now to claim your prize.
The next picture is my efforts at reusing. The idea is from the book Handmade Home by Amanda Soule. I took all my tired dishtowels and quilted them into a bathmat for dishes. Fun.
Love ya sum.

Monday, June 29, 2009

Nighttime Visitor

I really wish I had a picture. I don't. I am really sorry.
Since our move into the "country" (I don't know if you would call it the country since I'm five minutes from the store) we have had many encounters with creatures that we did not have in our former tract housing suburban neighborhood. Since we moved here 3 months ago, we have seen one rattlesnake, 2 gopher snakes, birds galore, coyotes, lizards and about 1,998,876 bugs. I am not a fan of bugs. We don't really get along. I think they are rude, showing up uninvited to areas of your home that guests just aren't supposed to go.
Well, last night I was awakened by my sweet 3 year old who had asked for a glass of water. So as I made my way down the hall, I came face to face with the largest, hairiest, scariest looking spider. He looked guilty for sure, like he was caught in the act of snooping around my house. Oh, sure, he tried to blend in, hoping I wouldn't noticed him. But really, even in my sleepy stupor, who could miss a ginormous, hairy, black spider sitting (hanging?) on your white wall.
We had a stare down for a few seconds as I weighed my options. But, my squeamishness would not allow me any further thought so I went and woke up The Man. Now, I am sure he was not prepared for the enormity of this spider because he has been summoned many times for much smaller creatures.
This spider did not disappoint. After, my husband saw the thing he very calmly said,

"Well, I better go get my shotgun."

Thank you honey.

We currently have the body at the taxidermist so we can have its bust mounted above our fireplace.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Skirting the Issue

I made this little number before church today...
Well, don't be.  In a complete moment of I-have-nothing-to wear frustration, (TRANSLATION:  I am behind on the laundry and nothing fits right because I have been eating way too many cookies) I decided that a certain cute little sundress, that has hung in my closet since 2006, and that has been worn exactly ONCE, was no longer welcome in my closet.  She had beckoned to me from catalogue and during their annual clearance sale I purchased it.  I loved the colors, the a-line of the skirt and the femininity of wearing a dress.  
Never mind that I looked like an Easter egg in it. 
I know this because, my friend's teenage son told me so.  And really, I have to agree.
So that little dress smirked at me from her hanger each spring, mocking my frivolous purchase and chastising my poor judgement, forever a reminder that things need to be tried on for goodness sakes.  Internet shopping can be so unkind.  
That's when I decided, she needed to be a skirt.  So I grabbed my pinking shears and cut off the top.  Then turned down the new edge and hemmed it with a zigzag stitch.    All this in the time it took my husband to gel his hair and shake his head.  He is used to my shenanigans , complete inability to stay focused creativity.
Now what do I do with this?

Any one have a pattern for an Easter bonnet?

Friday, June 19, 2009

Green capes and lime popsicles....

...should make for a fun summer!!!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

The Never Years

The following passage is taken from a book called The Power of Motherhood: What the Bible says about Mothers by Nancy Campbell.  I loved it so much that I ripped the page right out of the book and stuck it on my fridge today!!  
In this book she relays the thoughts of a friend:
 "These are the never years.  Never enough money, never enough time, never enough sleep- but always enough love.  The sweetest kiss of a baby; the toothpaste flavored kiss of a child on his way to school, the sleepy kiss of a husband who is just as tired as you.
  These are the busy years, the wonderful, hectic, impossible years.  Soon the children will be grown and I'll have plenty of time to organize my house, to sew and cultivate outside interests.  I wonder if is will be as wonderful as I sometimes dream it will?  Or am I in the middle of the wonderful years...right now?"

To all those finding joy in the messes today!

Monday, June 15, 2009

Could you just put your cereal bowl in the sink?

When you ask your children to do chores are you given an immediate response of,  "Sure! I 'd be glad to!  I was waiting for you to give me a chance to serve my family!!"


Do you hear groans and moans and "It's soooooo hard, I don't know how!  My tummy hurts!"

I have the occasional bouts of willingness, but more often than not, I hear responses that seem to be as if I have just asked them to do some impossible task like paint the whole house or climb Mt. Kilamanjaro while carrying an 80 pound pack.
With that being said, I always pull my hair out chuckle at how much "work" they are able to accomplish when they are playing.  The Herculean effort they will go to in order to set up a fort in the backyard, bringing out all manner of supplies from inside to create a fun space outside, is quite astonishing.   They are able to locate and carry EVERY SINGLE  PILLOW we own to the living room and dismantle the entire sectional in order to create a a jumping pit just in the time it took me to answer a phone call. 

They are quick and they are strong.  Don't let them fool you.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Homeschool doesn't have to look like school...

Bible and History lessons on the couch.
Discussions in the car.
Math fact memorization in the kitchen while on the computer.
Writing skills sharpened while writing the daily newspaper for the imaginary town built in back of the house.
Art class in your bedroom while listening to books on tape.
Science behind the house when we discover a hummingbird and her nest with two perfect jelly bean eggs.
Home economics when you sew beads onto your shirt just because you feel like creating something beautiful.
Social skills when your 6 year old calls Petco to see if they offer grooming services for hamsters. (they don't)

This is to remind me on days when I feel like we didn't accomplish much and to inspire others that homeschooling offers a unique opportunity to create lifelong learners.

Saturday, June 6, 2009


I honestly did not want to get out of bed this morning.  I tried to sleep in which really is  big joke in a house with four kids and a husband who is out of town.  
Here is just a sampling of what was heard while I was trying to sneak in a few extra minutes:

Chairs dragging.  
"Where's Mom?"  
Front door opening. Front door slamming. 
"Mom can we have Rice Krispie treats for breakfast?" 
"Don't!  You'll drown the hamster! "
"AHHHH! The hamster peed! "  
Hysterical giggling.  More giggling.  Silence.  Too much silence...then "MMMOMMMM!!!!!

I am sure you will agree that these are just the things you want to hear when you are trying to fall asleep.
So, I did what any sane mom would do- I buried my head with blanket and figured the nanny could handle everything when she arrived.
But, then I remembered, I AM THE NANNY. 
So after coffee was made, pop tarts popped, and the mess evaluated I decided to break out my new Mrs. Meyer's Counter Top Spray in Basil and dust off my Judds Greatest Hits CD.  Yes, I do love the Judds.   Saturday morning chores were actually fun.  Sort of.  OK, not really.  But I still love the Judds.

Ok, my loyal readers-How do you two make cleaning fun?

Thursday, June 4, 2009

There's No Place Like Home

Day 7 of The Man being away on a business trip. 

I have a whole new appreciation for our military wives(and husbands) who are living with their spouse overseas for months, years at a time. 

Being alone is, well, lonely. 

Having just moved to this little town, I am feeling the pangs of loneliness a little more than normal.  
How long until a new place feels like home?  As an Army brat, I moved my entire life, but I honestly don't know the answer.  My three year old still asks to go home to our old house.  It breaks my heart a little each time.  How can I make this house feel like home?  How have I failed that he still feels out of sorts in this house?
I had one particular friend, in high school, whose home always felt warm and inviting. I felt safe there.  I actually longed to be there.  Her friendship came at a time of major upheaval in my life, parents divorcing, new school, junior high, pimples, you get the idea.  Her home was absolutely a haven, there were candles, fires crackling, and coordinating decor.  There were steaks and baked potatoes at dinner with country music playing in the background.  There was an intact family with inside jokes and love and it was great.  
These days I feel as though I am just keeping my head above water.  Way too many paper plates and too much cereal and not enough candlelight and music.  But I'm striving.  I long to create that haven for my kids.  My friend's mom is a great ideal to strive for, but I have an even better one:
John 14:2 says...
Let not your heart by troubled; you believe in God, believe also in ME.  In My Father's house are many mansions;  if it were not so I would have told you. I go to prepare a place for you.

Now that will be a haven!

And surely, there will be no laundry!

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My first "post" (ahem)

Well, first ever post- and I have writer's block.  This could be a problem.
I guess having nothing important to say has never stopped me before...

This post will hopefully serve as a journal to record all the fun, educational, Martha Stewart-like moments I create with my four wonderful children so that one day I can look back and understand why I can't remember anything! I was TIRED!!! Then I can show my children, "See, we did have fun!" 
I have been stalking  reading blogs for a couple of years now and finally decided that maybe I could write one.  

Really, honestly, I got nothin'

Shouldn't I being doing laundry?