Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Well, add that one to my list..

...of things I never thought I would hear the librarian say!

Let me paint the picture for you.


We spend a lot of time at our local library. Being homeschoolers and all.  And we check out a ton of books.  I try to be good about getting them back in on time but we have paid our share of fines.  My husband likes to say that I rent books from the library as opposed to borrowing them.  A bit of an exaggeration in my opinion...but  in all fairness I have had to replace lost books, and ask for grace to find that missing CD from the 12 CD kit  that we borrowed to help us learn French...you get the idea.

So yesterday, we were at the library which is small enough that the children can be in their section and I can be over in my section browsing and it feels perfectly safe.  And that's what we were doing, happily searching, reading, wandering the aisles etc. when I hear my name announced over the intercom beckoning me to the front desk.  A couple of things went through my head...

Why does the library have an intercom system?

Is my five year old misbehaving and now I am really in trouble!

Maybe he got hurt!!! 

Maybe they just found one of my cards that was missing!

Wow...they actually know my name here.  Such a cute small town feel.

I quickly make way over to the front desk, to be greeted by the librarian that had just paged me.  I was not prepared to hear this....

LIBRARIAN: Yes. I was just checking in the books you returned and I found this sock in this book and I wanted to know if you wanted it back.

ME: Um.  Why, yes.  Thank you.

I should note that he held up said sock and a piece of scrap paper was dangling from the sock.  You know, attached, so that leads me to believe that sock was dirty too. Perfect.

My kids and I had a good laugh about that one.

I 'm just glad it was a sock....