Sunday, August 7, 2011

Sea Lions, Kayaks, and Photos-Oh my!

Last Christmas, I bought a voucher for my husband for a kayak trip for two.   I had noticed when I first printed the certificate back in December that it mentioned something about some pictures on the beach but I didn't really think much of it...

Well, when it came time to book, I quickly realized that I was dealing with more of a photography business and not so much a kayaking business. In the recesses of my brain, I'm thinking about the fact that I will be wearing a swimsuit in these pictures and FAT CHANCE that I will be wanting/purchasing any pictures. I declined the special package they were offering to pre-purchase my pictures and hoped that we would just enjoy the kayaking.

On the day of our adventure, we walked down to the launch site, and that's where the photography session began.  Our dear, sweet, enthusiastic photographer explained that we would begin the shoot with us running down the beach, we were to jump at one point, and then kiss. Super natural, right?  We are doing this on a crowded beach- and did I mention that we are IN OUR SWIMSUITS!  I was cracking up and totally could not follow directions and my ham of a husband was posing and being goofy.  Needless to say those pics will not see the light of day.
After the "baywatch gone bad" shots, we were allowed to get into our kayak and paddle out!  We saw a group of sea lions and got to go into a cave. Our photographer was a ton of fun, knowledgeable and creative and I would totally book her for my next event that I host on a kayak. After about an hour, we returned to the office to see our pictures.

OH AWKWARD! Let me count the ways:

Gee, hon, wouldn't be fun to have some professional photos taken of us on the beach in our swimsuits, and then let's go view them for the first time with some total strangers on a big screen TV, and then be pressured to buy a package of those pictures of us for as little as $99!

I know!

I'm sure you say that every day.

All in all, it was a fun day.  I will leave you with this little gem.

We're naturals, right? What!?  That's not how you kayak?


  1. You are beautiful! You make anything look good! Are you kidding me?! Ive always said you and your hubby could be on the cover of homeschooling today! Now it is "kayaking today."

  2. I am totally rolling down laughing right now...I can hardly type!!!
    You are the picture perfect couple!!! :) Your story is just hilarious!!! I told you, you seriously need to write a book...

  3. Well, well, well long time no see sweet Chris...
    I agree with itsahaigoodlife I was busting up as I read this...Not at the mere fact of just you running on the beach, but picturing myself jumping up to kiss my husband...Truly, a Beauty and the Beast moment for me...I'm sure you can figure out who would be who...LOL...
    HOpe to see more posts soon...Your a blast!!
    Lord bless...

  4. Oh my goodness.. please tell me you have some of these pics... i have to see them... this is the funniest stories i have ever heard.... how do you get yourself into these situations.... i can just imagine how you two looked... you baywatch babes...miss you