Tuesday, September 28, 2010


I took the kids to the zoo today with my dad. This guy cracked me up. He waited like this forever. A door opened behind us and a zookeeper walked out and the chimp ran over to see her walking by and started banging on the glass to get her attention. It was clear, then, that he had been waiting for her. Still not sure why, but it was funny!


  1. you are alive! Too funny on the gorilla. He is kinda cute in an odd kinda of way....
    miss ya girlie!

  2. Hi Chris...How are you? Love your blog! I'm trying to be a blogger now..See what happens when you hang out with Kim...So now you have to be my blogging friend, because I'm blogging but I don't have any followers...LOL...Hope your doing well...
    Lord Bless..