Friday, October 15, 2010

Mamas Don't Let Yer Babies Grow up to be Cowboys...

...even though they look so dern cute in their chaps! 
Last weekend we drove to the small town that my husband grew up in for their annual Fort Verde Days celebration.  After the parade, we had some delicious BBQ and then headed to the rodeo grounds for the mutton bustin competition.  My husband talked me into this last year and my 6 year old took home the buckle!  Well, of course we had to go and defend the title.  In our many conversations regarding this  rodeo my little one was concerned about not winning, so I did what any good mother does and promised him food. Who can pass up a funnel cake when you are at the fair?  Not me! So he didn't win, but was all smiles after his turn and asked if we could go get his "cuddle cake"!
Here are a few pictures...

 Love those little guys with their hats off during the prayer which was unashamedly and earnestly prayed in the name of Jesus!
 Since that little lump...under the sheep?  Yup, that's my boy.
Here he is after his 1.3 second ride, wiping the dirt off his teeth and getting some encouragement from the rodeo clown who also happens to be the local high school principal.
Ain't that America?


  1. Ain't that America, Home of the free...yea yea yea... John Mellencamp, remember? You may be too young! :) So cute.... I miss those cute kiddos...
    Now this was your baby, right? Not the older boy? I am a little confused but the pictures are great!
    Glad you posted...

  2. Yeah Kim, she might be too young...I'm not!!
    He had some tight jeans that he use to wear..LOL
    Great pictures Chris...Thanks for being a follower it makes me feel special...hahahah.

  3. I was totally singing that song as I was writing this...