Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Fall Scavenger Hunt

I have a habit of putting off the "fun"  until all the school work gets done or all the messes get cleaned up.  Well, as you can imagine with those parameters it seems lately that we never get around to the fun!  I was determined to have a little fun with the kids this Monday so we set off on a fall hike at a nature preserve near our home. I printed off a scavenger hunt and the kids divided into teams and off we went. 

 My youngest son has a knack for finding snakes.  It wasn't on the list but it was a thrill for all anyway.
 Have you letterboxed?  We weren't even on the hunt for one, but my older son found this hidden behind some rocks.
 Gotta climb some rocks.


  1. Love the new background....
    Yes, I have letter boxed before.... with you!!! ahhhahhhahh! I could have gone on this hike with you. Why didn't you call me??? We did take family pics that day...
    Miss you....

  2. obtw, on Hannah Keeley, she talks about that... planning to have fun. Not to put off the fun stuff, because when we do, we have BIG momma guilt.
    Good job!

  3. and....the second picture is awesome! It looks professional.. :)

  4. Awesome Chris....I can't believe the snake..Eek!
    Isn't that was your suppose to say when you see a snake?? Ha! Great, great pictures!!