Wednesday, June 3, 2009

My first "post" (ahem)

Well, first ever post- and I have writer's block.  This could be a problem.
I guess having nothing important to say has never stopped me before...

This post will hopefully serve as a journal to record all the fun, educational, Martha Stewart-like moments I create with my four wonderful children so that one day I can look back and understand why I can't remember anything! I was TIRED!!! Then I can show my children, "See, we did have fun!" 
I have been stalking  reading blogs for a couple of years now and finally decided that maybe I could write one.  

Really, honestly, I got nothin'

Shouldn't I being doing laundry?


  1. Hi ya friend!!!
    Great post!!! That is exactly why I make my photo albums.... I never want to hear them say "Mom, we did nothing growing up"!!! I will say...."hmmmm....I have proof"!!! Sick, I know....
    Go do your laundry!!!

  2. oh my gosh... your are a natural,, i knew it!!! great job