Monday, June 15, 2009

Could you just put your cereal bowl in the sink?

When you ask your children to do chores are you given an immediate response of,  "Sure! I 'd be glad to!  I was waiting for you to give me a chance to serve my family!!"


Do you hear groans and moans and "It's soooooo hard, I don't know how!  My tummy hurts!"

I have the occasional bouts of willingness, but more often than not, I hear responses that seem to be as if I have just asked them to do some impossible task like paint the whole house or climb Mt. Kilamanjaro while carrying an 80 pound pack.
With that being said, I always pull my hair out chuckle at how much "work" they are able to accomplish when they are playing.  The Herculean effort they will go to in order to set up a fort in the backyard, bringing out all manner of supplies from inside to create a fun space outside, is quite astonishing.   They are able to locate and carry EVERY SINGLE  PILLOW we own to the living room and dismantle the entire sectional in order to create a a jumping pit just in the time it took me to answer a phone call. 

They are quick and they are strong.  Don't let them fool you.


  1. It is true! They are out to get us! They stand strong together too!!! Have you noticed that?

  2. It is a CONSPIRACY!!! My boys take every single pillow off our couch to make a forts and jumping areas too!

  3. We do not !!!!!!!!!!! your loving daughter Paige

  4. Hi Chris, Love your laundry picture!
    Wait till they are teenagers. They still groan...just in deep voices. :)