Sunday, June 21, 2009

Skirting the Issue

I made this little number before church today...
Well, don't be.  In a complete moment of I-have-nothing-to wear frustration, (TRANSLATION:  I am behind on the laundry and nothing fits right because I have been eating way too many cookies) I decided that a certain cute little sundress, that has hung in my closet since 2006, and that has been worn exactly ONCE, was no longer welcome in my closet.  She had beckoned to me from catalogue and during their annual clearance sale I purchased it.  I loved the colors, the a-line of the skirt and the femininity of wearing a dress.  
Never mind that I looked like an Easter egg in it. 
I know this because, my friend's teenage son told me so.  And really, I have to agree.
So that little dress smirked at me from her hanger each spring, mocking my frivolous purchase and chastising my poor judgement, forever a reminder that things need to be tried on for goodness sakes.  Internet shopping can be so unkind.  
That's when I decided, she needed to be a skirt.  So I grabbed my pinking shears and cut off the top.  Then turned down the new edge and hemmed it with a zigzag stitch.    All this in the time it took my husband to gel his hair and shake his head.  He is used to my shenanigans , complete inability to stay focused creativity.
Now what do I do with this?

Any one have a pattern for an Easter bonnet?


  1. Are you for real??? You crack me up!!! How come the top does not match the bottom? Is that really the color?
    You are so funny!

  2. oh my... we are soul sisters. I would have done the same thing to her. I love it. and i love to repurpose my wordrobe right before i have to be somewhere.. it kind of a challenge

  3. Summer-it's true. It is definitely more fun to scramble at the sewing machine right before you have to go somewhere.

  4. SERIOUSLY? Are we really biologically related? Did you know that it takes me one hour to sew on a button and then it still usually comes off in the washing machine!!!! :) I love you and I am so jealous of your creativity!!!

    Hey- why don't you use the top to make doll dresses for Paige and Lauren's dolls?